Maange Rhombus Makeup Brush

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This hexagonal three-dimensional Rhombus Makeup Brush will give you a soft silky feel on the skin. This brush is made of non-harmful synthetic fiber and has densely packed bristles to provide a high-definition finish. Can be used with liquid, powder, or cream foundation without absorption. Made with synthetic fiber, so it is safe for sensitive skin. The 3D square handle is ergonomically designed and allows for a comfortable and easy grip. It comes with a storage box, making it easy for travel.

Weekday Maintenance

After use, wipe off excess residual makeup along the direction of the bristles on a soft paper surface.

  1. Soak the bristles in a diluted cleaning solution (or shampoo). Do not wash in a reverse direction of the bristles. Do not use water above 40 degrees for cleaning.
  2. After soaking and cleaning, gently press the bristles with paper towels or cotton pads to allow moisture to drain out quickly. Do not twist the bristles, resulting in loose structure or even hair removal.
  3. Hang in a cool dry place to allow the bristles to air dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer and avoid sun exposure to avoid damage to the material.

Comes with:

1 Brush

1 Storage box

1 Soft Sponge (optional)


The new makeup brush must be cleaned before use. Because the makeup brush is made by hand, there will be a small number of bristles that are not embedded into the handle. We recommend to cleanse before first use to avoid adverse reactions.


Quantity: 1

Brush Material: Wool Fiber

Size: 6.3 x 4.2cm

Weight: 45 g


  • Photo does not reflect actual size, please refer to Specifications for details.
  • Please allow 1-3 mm difference due to manual measurements.
  • The picture may not reflect actual colors due to the difference in monitor settings.