10 pieces Double Heads Razor Cleaning Brush

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Are you worried about not having the right tools to clean hard-to-reach surfaces? Are you still worried about not being able to clean the remaining hair on the shaver? Our Razor Cleaning Brush can easily help you solve these problems! It designed for cleaning beard trimmer and electric shaver, It is sturdy and non-shedding with good toughness, the brush is compact and portable, suitable for use by many brands, such as Philips, Braun, Remington. It is composed of a plastic body and double-ended bristles, easy to use. It can clean the beard residue or some small gaps of dust

It is designed for hard-to-reach surfaces. Remove the hair remains at shaver with the help of this brush. Double-ended brush, convenient for daily use, easy to carry and store, suitable for home use and travel use. Suitable for all models of electric shavers,razors or trimmers. It is not only for cleaning razors but also for a lot of household appliances, hairdressing and hair coloring tools, keyboard, etc. 


  • The mini size is suitable for home use as well as travel use.
  • Work with most brands of shavers.
  • Easy to clean beard residue and dust removal.
  • Multi-function, also suitable for a small home appliance like keyboards.