Moisturizing Bath Bomb

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The Bath Bomb has a charming fragrance, which is mainly derived from the added pure natural essential oils and sea salt. The rich fragrance makes you feel as if you are surrounded by flowers and the scent lingers on your skin. Use our bath bomb to have wonderful bathing before going to bed, you can have relaxed and fall asleep with the charming fragrance.

Sneak away, lock the bathroom door & treat yourself with the bath bomb. It infused with invigorating fragrances and pure oils. It will revitalize and soften your skin. No artificial colors and no stains for skin, even no oil ring around the tub. Something that will surely enhance your bathing experience! 

Our Bath Bomb is infused with pure shea butter and essential oils. This means that each piece contains properties that are targeted to hydrate, moisturize, and smooth your skin. You will feel more comfortable in your little black dress or floral skirt as you will after using our bath bombs. Sure to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft, enjoy a heavenly glow all day long.