Hair Fiber Applicator Thinning Concealer

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Don't let thinning hair get you down, get your confidence back in seconds! Our Hair Fibers are the perfect solution for men and women suffering from hair loss and thinning hair who want to change the way they feel about their appearance. Balding and thinning areas instantly vanish, leaving you with a natural-looking full head of hair.

If you want to cover thinning, balding, patchy spots across your temples, part, crown, and sides, these are the hair fibers with you. With a natural “real hair” finish, and the perfect level of shine, these hair fibers transform thinning hair into a luscious, undetectable, confidence-boosting lock.

Our Hair Fiber Applicators will make you look years younger instantly, as the thinning areas of your head disappear and give you thicker, healthier-looking hair. Use the hair fiber applicator pump to help conceal thinning areas and bald spots instantly. Effectively covering up hair roots and blending hair extensions.

The premium hair fibers cover and fill out thinning hair in seconds. Full static electricity fibers will fast to intertwine your hair roots and bond with your own hair follicles. Blend inseparable with your existing hair, instantly making it full and thick. It just takes a short time to take effect, perfect for dating, working, traveling, etc.


  • Item Type: Hair Loss Product
  • Ingredient: keratin hair fiber
  • NET WT: one kit hair loss product
  • Color option: 10colors